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The Mush Universe is planned to host several games accross a long timeframe.

Planned Games


Mushroom World and Nhy's Legacy are set on Earth, after the Mush Master departure, and before the Mech Army arrival. Super Hidden Mushroom Ultra Portal relate the Mech Army arrival and the Earth's end, and how the Earth's genetic memory was saved by the Muship and its pilot. Escaped from the Mech Army, they encounter the Mush Master and its Mush Galactic Empire. But the Mechs follow the Muship through the Mushroom Ultra Portal, discover the Mush Empire and start to seek to destroy it. StarMush: Vengeance of the Mushroom recount the fight of the Mushroom Avengers, arisen from the Mush Galactic Empire, against the Mech Army.



Videogame project: StarMush.

Ultra Portal

Remastering project: Ultra Portal.

Star Vault

I made some artwroks after wondering how could coffers look in a space game.