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Ludum Dare #30

I teamed'up with an old bro' and was very happy to make my first game... er, project with him, 'cause we wanted to make one from a long time. He made the (amazing!) painting and I wrote the code. The result is quite nice (I'm proud of him) but there is no gameplay at all. I was so excited by the tilesets that I turned all my code toward tiles managment, from the auto-floor-smoothing to the level editor.


Download Ludum Dare version:
English - Windows - Ludum Dare



ludum dare screenshot

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A long time ago, I had the project of coding a "multiplayer PDL engine" with lua scripting. Code was messy and tiles were horrible. Now that I worked with beautiful tiles, I guess I'll spend some times working again on the HacKraft projetc.


test roof purple  test roof red

test castle

test arch  test fort red

test village

test 3d

test cuves

test cuves 3d

sunken tomb entrance